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hi guys!

hi im opaswer ive been on clubpenguin for i lone time i hope you like my website i cant wait  till i post a video it will be cool but before that i want to tell you about my website i know alot of cheat codes like………….. danceing with the newspaper; walking on walls even the yellow viking helment ill tell you where the new pins are! this is going to be great for me and you guys  i hope you have fun on my website! i will soon be posting more cheats  the first cheat is this go to the cautlog clik on all the stars in the star neckles then click on hallweenthe djviking helment 4 times then click on the tiara you shoud see the yellow viking helment here is a thin ice cheat code go on thin ice on the 19th level  click on the second square on the  right to the top then get the swich  here is is a lighthouse cheatcode first go to the lighthouse then go behind the fish bucket click on the door then relley fast click on the wall then you shoud be walking on the walls to edit somone eles igoolo first go to your igollo then click on edit igolo click on your penguin then if you have a spy phone you shoud wait for  the other way  but if you have a spy phone go to the hq then go to a members igolo and you can move there stuff around p.s if your a member drag it to the door and you will see there stuff in your stuff  ]             i know another cheat code go to the pizzatron3000 click on a swich 2 times and youl be playing the candytron3000               



1. Carissa - August 27, 2007

I am a member but I can’t move the stuff to my house! Please tell me how again!!!!

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