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the spirt returns chapter 8 February 16, 2007

Posted by opaswer in the spirt returns chapter 5.
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one day a penguin called joe344  went on club penguin  it was a normal day when…………….. he found a spirt then when he looked closer at the spirt he saw it was himself! so he knew something was wrong he took one last look at the spirt and then he herd him say la no chi wel dwo then he remberd it and went to club penguins tallest mountain it was the coolest thing he had ever seen there was a sericet door to there he always went there  it was fun but he knew he was looking for somthing then he remberd la no chi wel dwo then it opend then he saw a ninga he said hi to the ninga then he asked him about la no chi wel  dwo the niga didnt move then he said thats the name of an old ninga but he wasnt just a ninga he  was a super hero he was baned forever somewone paid him 5 buck to get banned  he got banned 4  time and got 20 bucks you may have seen him  around beace he hacked into club penguin but messed up his penguin he still does good deeds though i must go joe344 watch yourself  he might do a good deed to you someday joe344 but ninga he looked just like me! joe344 that means your the chosen one your job is to find him and get him in club penguin without hacking ok ninga ill go but where do i go ninga go to the ice burg and tip it joe344 but ninga im not a member i know there is one other way  good luck joe344 ok to the ice burg! wheres a jack hammer when you need one! hey whats that wow i tiped the ice burg and got 400 coins talk about geting money hey i think ill go to the hQ oh my god! the penguins are dead! i better find out of how thats even possoble! thats very weird hey the mission folder changed to! it said dear agent if you are reading this you are a lucky one this the is a mission of a person hacking into clubpenguin  you  must find him and baned him forever oh no i got to save him! but where is he you want to know where he is joe344 yes i do  well that would be me now tell me i will go to your igolo and stay there ok now sed me a post card joe344 ok thanks bye now how shoud i save him? thats it ill give him my penguins password wait no i know a guy with a cheat code for that  hey ninga  what is that  cheat code to un baned somewone that old cheat code you have to hack i cant hack there has to be a way ninga is there a way yes joe344 there is a way good what is it its a mega cheat code you must go to club penguin.com when it says play now  log in then go on another computer  and log in but this time  go to play.clubpenguin.com/load.swf/icebox.com then un baned  him joe344 good luck! ok wait a mnite i only have 1 computer! lets see what state im in im in mitins sounds cool well ill find out a place with two computers mom! can we go to the boys and girls club? ok get you back back son got it  now lets go! mmm i am ready to unbaned him 20 MINITES LATER i  unbanneded him! yay! hey i got 10000000 coins now well it over no more ghosts no more work it was fun though well  good bye spirt! ill miss you

the end?


the ice casle February 16, 2007

Posted by opaswer in the ice casle.
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look the ice casle is on fire!ice casle